La patria del cuore

One of the most fundamental needs of a human being is a sense of belonging. Individualism has brought us into a state of isolation. Loneliness is about to become the next biggest public health issue. We feel less connected to others and our relationships become more superficial. It lies in our earliest cultural instincts to take care of the common good, to acknowledge that we belong to each other. We need each other to fulfil what we truly care about.


I find this connection to be in my origin. Connection is something that is deeply rooted in Italian culture, with 'la famiglia' as the cornerstone of society, expression as a second language and where 'la dolce vita' is meant for everyone. For us, gathering around the table is the ultimate form of connection. Every natural dyed fabric, which is a first step towards the development of table textiles, belongs to a theme of the book which reflects my own personal sense of belonging. 


This project is an ode to my family, a personal fragment of the core values of Italian culture  -  to tell a story, to inspire and to connect.